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Our Range of Products


GA Spotlights

LOG_aLevel LR for Offshore

New UltraLab HF5x Series

Reliable Wave & Water Level measurement

Efficient, Sophisticated Wave Measurement
for Hydraulic Labs and Wave Basins

Practically maintenance free with up to 40 m measuring range 

UltraLab Advanced Technology - all digital, calibration free,
with up to 8 synchronized channels (analogue output optional)

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UltraLab Advanced Field

Sophisticated Wave Measurement for the Field (Full Scale)

For (survey) vessels, floating platforms, ship optimisation etc.

The Company

General Acoustics, with its origins as an acoustics and sensors research and services partnership, is a high technology producer of special Echo Sounders, Sub-Bottom Profiler and corresponding hydrographical imaging and analytical software. General Acoustics, founded 1996, has developed a wide range of sounding products and systems as well as sensors for laboratory and marine and engineering applications.

The products include Water Level and Wave Measuring Systems, the Acoustic Tide Gauge LOG_aLevel, special Echo Sounder for the hydrographical-geological operations, Sub-Bottom Profiler and the ADCP Software LOG_aFlow which creates real flow charts from ADCP data. The General Acoustics e.K. is represented in more than 50 countries around the globe.

General Acoustics won in 2005 a comparison test against several different level and wave measuring sensors. The test was ordered by the renowned Rijkswaterstaat (RIZA) in the Netherlands and performed by Delft Hydraulics. Different kind of methods like radar sensors, mechanical sensors, optical sensors, pressure sensors and ultrasonic sensors were tested. The goal of the test was to find the best technical solution to built up a monitoring network to measure water level and waves in the Netherlands. 2007 the LOG_aLevel tide and wave gauge received the BfG (Federal German Hydrographic Authority) approval.

We offer: Acoustic Tide Gauges, Special Echo Sounder, Sub-Bottom Profiler, Water Level Gauges, Wave Gauges, Laboratory Wave measurement InstrumentsADCP Software, Hydrograhic Services

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